Perfect Imaging is a medical imaging technology and teleradiology company and subspecialty teleradiology service provider. We sell, integrate, install, service and support PACS software, RIS software, and DICOM software products and systems. Perfect Imaging is a radiology PACS and workflow software company based in Beachwood, Ohio. Our firm helps teleradiology practices simplify and speed their workflow, routing, reporting and billing processes through its hosted teleradiology PACS solution, PACSstar. We license PACSstar™ to teleradiology companies and virtual radiologic teleradiology services. For information about teleradiology software licensing rates and PACS software prices, please call 866-228-8778.

Our company was founded by David Berns, M.D. and Howard Rothman in 2004 with the purpose of creating a physician friendly teleradiology PACS and workflow software system that would be affordable and easy to use by teleradiology businesses and diagnostic imaging centers. Founded by a radiologist, Perfect Imaging, is committed to developing long-term partnerships with imaging centers and radiology groups to create sustainable value and business synergies.

We provide a comprehensive suite of services and support for teleradiology operations from hosted storage, deployment, teleradiology software and PACS system integration, to training and consulting services for start-up teleradiology service providers. Our clients can count on Perfect Imaging and PACSstar™ to insure that the transmission of digital X-rays, CTs, MRIs, and other radiological patient images work seamlessly.

The picture archiving and communication system component of PACSstar™ reliably transmits radiology images so Pediatric Radiologists, Musculoskeletal Radiologist, MRI Radiologists, or Neuroradiologists can view, analyze and interpret the studies.

Perfect Imaging is an ASP (application service provider). Our digital radiology and workflow software, PACstar™ insures the secure storage and transfer of high bandwidth diagnostic and imaging studies. Teleradiology services use PACstar™, a teleradiology PACS system to access teleradiology information from different geographical locations. Licensing our web PACS software system is a solution that is considerably more affordable for healthcare facilities than expensive and complex onsite PACS software systems. Teleradiology services and radiologists purchase or license our PACS software in order to improve the profitability of their organization. If your radiology group or teleradiology practice is considering purchasing a PACS system, a RIS system, or a PACS RIS, call 866-228-8778 for pricing.

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We are considered by radiologists and our clients to be one of the premier PACS and workflow solution vendors in the medical imaging industry. For more information about Perfect Imaging's radiology and teleradiology products and services, PACSstar™, teleradiology software licensing rates and PACS software prices, please call 866-228-8778 or click here to contact Perfect Imaging.