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Perfect Imaging is a teleradiology software and ASP (Application Service Provider) company that provides teleradiology solutions, teleradiology products and teleradiology services. We specialize in implementing, integrating and supporting web-based (hosted) radiology and teleradiology PACS systems for digital diagnostic medical imaging. Our offsite PACS systems, hosted PACS solutions, remote diagnostic imaging solutions, and off site image storage solutions are low cost alternatives to onsite PACS systems used by medical imaging healthcare facilities that provide radiology reading services to review, archive, share and organize images and data.

Perfect Imaging has been a developer and service provider of teleradiology software, radiology software, teleradiology solutions, teleradiology services, PACS systems, RIS/PACS workflow productivity solutions and medical image viewing software for the U.S. radiology and teleradiology market since 2004. PACSstar was the brainchild of David Berns, M.D., a neuroradiologist, and teleradiology practice owner. When Dr. Berns could not find a suitable RIS/PACS product that met the unique workflow needs of his teleradiology practice, National Diagnostic Imaging, and was also affordable, he partnered with Rothman & Associates IT firm, to develop PACSstar.


Now Perfect Imaging continues to develop its PACSstar teleradiology software solution to meet changing client and market requirements and evolve its service offering to help radiologists utilizing a teleradiology model to work more efficiently. Perfect Imaging is one of the few vendors in the industry who include software support and maintenance in its annual software license fee.

PACSstar is a cost-effective, intuitive PACS software solution for teleradiology companies, imaging centers, hospital radiology departments, and radiology groups that have complex workflows and routing processes that must support multiple imaging modalities, sites, states and radiologists. Our company also offers data migration services in the event your healthcare facility wants to replace it's current  teleradiology PACS system.


Perfect Imaging's teleradiology services and teleradiology solutions for healthcare clinics, radiology practices, radiology departments, imaging centers, referring physicians, radiology groups, and hospitals include:

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