PACSstar is a cost-effective teleradiology solution and an intuitive hosted teleradiology PACS workflow software system for teleradiology companies, imaging centers, hospital radiology departments, and radiology groups. We provide radiology and teleradiology solutions for clients that have complex workflows and routing processes that must support multiple modalities, sites, states and radiologists.

Clients that use Perfect Imaging's radiology and teleradiology PACS software, PACSstar, experience the benefits of improved efficiency, increased productivity, reduced staff overhead costs, fast report turnaround time, fast billing processing and increased client satisfaction.

Teleradiology Software and PACS Client Testimonials:

"PACSstar has tools that are needed for teleradiology. The pricing model works well for our staff of three radiologists. It saves us time, clicks and money and allows us to increase our productivity. We perform interpretations across five states for hospitals, imaging centers and physician groups. The routing rules took no time at all to set up and are easy to use. Perfect Imaging has worked with us to get customized features added in a timely manner. There is nothing easier, faster and simpler. PACSstar is perfect."

John Balzano, M.D. , President, Imaging Interpretation Services, Mingo Junction, OH

"Leaving one of the major PACS vendors in the industry was an initial concern of ours however, our concerns were quickly dispelled by both the product performance, and prompt service and follow up of the Perfect Imaging staff. Our desire for integrated PACS/RIS workflow for our teleradiology company was a driving force behind our switch, and we have been pleasantly surprised. We have found that not only is this integration evident, but that the real strength of PACSstar is in the design of the workflow. It is user friendly, simple, and flexible, yet able to meet the demands and rigors found in today's radiology environment."

David Stonebraker, President, IRAD Services, Pittsburgh, PA