Cloud PACS
Perfect Imaging's PACSstar is a cloud PACS system that leverages a cloud computing model which utilizes our server hardware, radiology imaging software and computing resources to deliver teleradiology services and solutions over the Internet.
Cloud PACS | PACS Systems | Perfect ImagingThe cloud computing market for medical imaging in the United States is growing at exponential rate across all medical specialties. We want to help your company become part of the cloud and give you the ability to reduce overhead management costs, give remote access to patient information and collaborate easily with different institutions. Perfect Imaging provides hosted teleradiology PACS software solutions, cloud PACS solutions, and hosted PACS systems for teleradiology services and radiologists.
Workflow Solutions

Perfect Imaging takes the complexity, time and significant capital expenditures out of a typical PACS RIS deployment by hosting PACSstar as a software as a service (SaaS) model. 

This model also means minimal IT administration for the client. We provide teleradiology software and PACS system integration services.

PACSstar's digital radiology web-based workflow software system and medical image archives for storing, retrieving and sending patient radiology images reside on servers within Perfect Imaging's data center, a secure, reliable, and scalable environment. 

Perfect Imaging, an Application Service Provider (ASP) , utilizes two, collocated, Tier 1 data centers located in OH and PA, and industry best practices for disaster recovery and redundancy to guarantee uptime. Modality connectivity is also available.
Client Billing

Perfect Imaging also offers flexible, cost-effective hosting technologies for hosted image storage. This is ideal for radiologists who need fast access to prior images for comparison purposes.

Clients pay $1.95 per study for the web-based teleradiology PACS software that includes the storage of reports and scanned documents, software updates, and 24x7x365 client support service for the hosted PACS software solution. Clients maintain the ownership of their own data.