Radiology Information and DICOM Imaging System Customization Services


Perfect Imaging consultants provide customized integration and interface programming services for radiology information systems (RIS software), radiology imaging systems, PACS equipment, PACS workstations, PACS software, DICOM medical imaging systems software, RIS workstations, medical billing software, HIS workstations, electronic medical record systems (EMR) and electronic health record (EHR) systems.


Our imaging informatics programmers and radiology information technology engineers can customize the connections and interfaces used to transmit diagnostic quality imaging data between systems. We work with radiologists, imaging centers, hospitals and teleradiology services to build, integrate, install or modify radiology information systems and diagnostic quality medical imaging system. We modify medical imaging systems used to create images of the human body and their related interfaces used for viewing studies to our customer's individual requirements, specifications and preferences.


To request a proposal for radiology information system or medical imaging system contracted customization services call Perfect Imaging at 866-228-8778 or click here.

Our technicians understand digital radiology imaging systems, CVIS (cardiovascular imaging systems), PACS programs, PACS servers, modality scheduling, worklists, database-to-database transfers, workstation emulation, HL7 standards, PACS RIS oftware, TCP/IP communication protocols, interface engines, distributed data in networked information systems and other important concepts related to customization projects.

We provide specialized customization services for radiology imaging systems used for viewing studies and unique customized programming for imaging applications to health care organizations, imaging centers, radiologists and medical imaging departments to enhance their workflow, collaboration, communication abilities, and productivity. We offer a complete suite of customized medical imaging solutions designed and developed to improve our client's clinical, operational and financial results.

As an experienced healthcare IT company, Perfect Imaging understands the importance of effectively integrating third-party multi-vendor radiology information systems and medical imaging systems. We offer contracted imaging system customization consulting, solution training services, HL7 integration services, XML integration services and customized interface development.

Perfect Imaging provides HL7 (Health Level Seven) integration and clinical imaging system customization services to medical practitioners and radiologists to improve their workflow and their ability to acquire and interpret diagnostic images. We customize medical imaging systems and computerized databases used by radiology departments to store, manipulate and distribute patient radiological data by focusing on keeping each system specific and autonomous to simplify the interface process. We have years of experience working with healthcare informatics interoperability standards including ANSI/HL7 V2.2, V2.3, V2.4, and HL7 RIM. We have provided HL7 integration services for companies and businesses that use image archiving systems (PACS, RIS and HIS).

We provide XML (Extensible Markup Language) integration services for healthcare companies and businesses that use image archiving systems (PACS, RIS and HIS). Other organizations and systems that we work with include radiology groups, EMR and EHR providers, medical billing companies, diagnostic imaging centers, hospitals, teleradiology solution providers, radiology groups, healthcare vendors, ERP systems, Quickbooks XML interfaces, healthcare accounting services and other healthcare and teleradiology organizations.

Perfect Imaging integrates medical data by using secure Internet or local area network (LAN) protocols such as VPN, IPSec, DICOM, HL7, SFTP, web services, HTTPS and other types of communication between two medical computing devices. The XML-based methods and applications that we develop and integrate for our clients efficiently manage radiology diagnostic interpretations and medical claims.

We work closely with radiology departments that offer comprehensive imaging services and advanced procedures, including MRI, nuclear medicine, Body Imaging & PET scanning, CT scanning, diagnostic radiology, digital mammography studies and ultrasound. We customize interfaces and integrate network connections with well-equipped PACS systems, digital radiology imaging systems, radiology workflow management software and related medical imaging technology with RIS and HIS systems in order to provide economical storage, convenient retrieval, accurate presentation and efficient distribution of reports, studies, reads, interpretations and diagnostic images generated from multiple diagnostic radiology imaging modalities.

We have years of experience collaborating and working with the top radiology system companies that design, manufacture, and service advanced medical imaging systems to customize computerized databases and diagnostic medical imaging systems used by radiology departments.

Our radiology IT consulting firm prices our fees and rates based for customization services on a per hour basis or our sales department can quote pricing for fixed bid projects based on the scope, time frame and expected cost. To request a proposal for radiology information system or medical imaging system contracted customization services call Perfect Imaging at 866-228-8778 or click here.


Perfect Imaging's provides customized integration and interface programming services to radiographers, radiologic technologists, radiologists and the following healthcare providers: 

  • Medical Radiation Technologists
  • Clinical Labs and Diagnostic Laboratories
  • Hospital Radiology Departments
  • Outpatient and Inpatient Diagnostic Imaging Centers
  • Distributed Radiology Service Providers
  • PACS Manufacturers
  • PACS Vendors
  • PACS Distributors
  • Non-Provider and Provider-Based Imaging Facilities
  • Hospital Based and Non-Hospital Based Imaging Centers
  • Small and Regional Hospitals
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Health Systems
  • Sub-Specialty Radiologists
  • Medical Doctors
  • General Radiologists
  • Clinics
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Private Radiology Practices
  • Government Agencies and Correctional Facilities
  • Teleradiology Companies
  • Teleradiology Service Providers
  • Radiology Research Centers, Institutions and Universities
  • Mobile Radiology Services
  • Teleradiologists
  • Referring Physicians
  • Medical Billing Companies
  • Radiation Oncology Group
  • Telerad Businesses
  • Medicaid and Medicare Insurance Claims Processors for Radiology Services
  • Virtual Radiologic Companies