PACS Solutions for Hospitals, Radiologists and Imaging Centers

Perfect Imaging will meet the needs of any size or type organization needing a PACS radiology or teleradiology solution. We work with you to ease in the integration and installation of your PACStar system. 
PACStar is a software solution for institutions of all sizes. Our software and cloud storage are completely scalable and can handle any number of studies you need per month. 

We provide XML programming services to integrate your existing distributed healthcare records. We provide extensible markup language (XML) integration and programming services to enhance your radiology reporting capabilities, to communicate imaging information, to aid in patient management and to deliver images to a secure FTP site. 
If your hospital’s medical imaging applications need to use more than typical DICOM and web standards and protocols, we provide custom XML integration and development programming services to transfer radiological patient images. 
Working with Perfect Imaging as a radiologist is even more than using just PACStar. In addition to installing, integrating and servicing your firm with PACStar, we can offer radiological patient image interpretation services. 

We provide your radiology group with options for effectively analyzing diagnostic images and medical images. Sub-specialty radiologists, medical doctors and general radiologists at Perfect Imaging include MRI radiologists, Body Imaging & PET radiologists, Neuroradiologists, Pediatric radiologists and Musculoskeletal radiologists (MSK). By offering specialized teleradiology services, we aid, support and assist our clients in their efforts to diagnosis and treat disease and injury and improve patient care.

Our reliable off-site sub-specialty radiology coverage and teleradiology services by board-certified radiologists deliver referring physician reports and preliminary and final reports to outpatient and inpatient imaging centers.

Imaging Centers 
Our network of teleradiology enabled radiologists provide remote radiology, imaging and radiological patient image interpretation services to inpatient and outpatient imaging service providers, healthcare systems and onsite providers throughout the United States. Reliable off-site sub-specialty radiology coverage and teleradiology services provided by board certified radiologists deliver referring physician reports and preliminary and final reports to imaging centers on a 24-7-365 basis. The specialists at Perfect Imaging are committed to delivering accurate results and timely interpretations.