PACSstar (PACS) Installation and Implementation Process

PACSstar is a hosted teleradiology PACS workflow solution; therefore, there is no software to install or hardware to configure, which minimizes the complexity and length of the implementation process. Our implementation process is typically conducted remotely. 
Because PACSstar is a PACS web solution, it offers teleradiology services and radiologists an accessible workflow solution at a low cost and affordable price. The PACS software system is implemented within an Internet environment. 

Our implementation consultant will manage the following steps to ensure a smooth implementation process:

  • Interview key client staff members to understand workflow, routing engine, integration, data migration and training requirements as well as the client’s IT/network infrastructure.
  • Work with client to establish the ideal methodology of connectivity to transfer DICOM images from modalities across the client’s owned sites or its customers' sites. 
  • If you choose do a data migration, the implementation consultant will develop a quote, plan and timeline on how to best accomplish this.
  • If you choose to have PACSstar interface with existing systems, the implementation consultant will develop a quote, plan and timeline on how to accomplish this working with the other system vendors’ availability as well.
  • Configure PACSstar with the input provided by the client.
  • Incorporate client logo, address, phone, and reading radiologist info into the UI and on report templates.
  • You will receive a secure link and can simply download the software via the Internet.