Teleradiology Billing Software: Teleradiologist Invoicing System


PACSstar, the hosted teleradiology PACS software available from Perfect Imaging, provides outstanding invoicing and billing systems.  An intuitive teleradiology billing software solution for invoicing clients is important to teleradiologists and teleradiology services.


Invoices can be easily created in order for a teleradiology company to bill its clients for a fee per service model. Invoices can be customized to include various data captured in PACSstar.
Monthly invoices typically include the client name, address and contact info, the types of reports interpreted, the fee per each report type and a total due. Each client's contracted service rates are stored in the billing database.


All It takes just a few minutes to create and print an invoice. The process to bill clients can be reduced by days compared to the typical labor intensive process of most teleradiology practices.


View a sample invoice.


A billing output file can be created and exported or an interface developed to connect to an external billing system as needed.

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