Medical Imaging Technology, PACS Systems, Picture Archiving


Perfect Imaging's medical imaging technology solutions feature a picture archiving and communication system (PACS) that includes integrated DICOM medical imaging software. Our web-based enterprise level PACS system is used to acquire, store, retrieve, present and distribute medical images. The teleradiology components of PACstar are comparable with the ones available from medical information technology businesses and major medical imaging equipment manufacturers, Most radiologists who use techniques and processes to create images of the human body benefit from purchasing, licensing or leasing a PACS system. 


PACS system customization, installation and integration services are available for radiology clinics, hospitals and outpatient imaging centers that have unique requirements that require specialized information systems. The PACS client developed and sold by Perfect Imaging is 100% browser-based and includes outstanding workflow management software applications and ground-breaking image acquisition software applications.


Medical imaging technology and PACS systems manufactured and developed by Perfect Imaging use the DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) format to store and transfer diagnostic quality radiological images. 


For more information about medical imaging technologies, PACS system products and services and our browser-based picture archiving and communication systems, click on the links below.


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