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PACSstar is an enterprise class, Web-based teleradiology PACS software solution developed utilizing Microsoft technology, components and applications. It is fully scalable and supports distributed processes. The integrated teleradiology software and PACS system is substantially data driven allowing PACS system administrators and radiologists to have great flexibility in setting up and managing diagnostic image, document and information routing rules, teleradiology report distribution, security policies and much more without the need for custom code changes.

The digital imaging DICOM routing components run as Windows services. They are efficiently separated into an incoming receiver and an outgoing sender service that execute asynchronously to ensure maximum throughput. Image compression settings can be managed via a Web interface and configurations are stored in the database. PACSstar is an ideal PACS system for teleradiology and it distributes lossless images to the radiologist's desktop.

PACSstar Specifications: Microsoft Windows XP or later; IE 7 or higher; Nuance Dragon 9 or higher; Scanner with Twain driver.  

The teleradiology solution from Perfect Imaging, PACSstar, is an ideal PACS system for radiologists and teleradiology services that replaces hard-copy based methods of managing medical images including film archives. This teleradiology software uses digital storage to provide cost savings over film archives and offers remote access to images produced from different medical imaging instruments.

Teleradiology service providers use Perfect Imaging's teleradiology software for off-site viewing and teleradiology report distribution and routing. Pediatric Radiologists, Musculoskeletal Radiologist, MRI Radiologists, or Neuroradiologists can view, analyze and interpret images and studies different locations. These diagnostic images come from a variety of modalities including computed tomography (CT), endoscopy (ENDO), mammograms (MG), computed radiography (CR), ultrasound (US), magnetic resonance (MR), and positron emission tomography (PET).

PACSstar is an outstanding teleradiology PACS workflow and diagnostic imaging software solution used by radiology personnel, teleradiology businesses, imaging centers, hospital radiology departments, and radiology groups to manage the workflow of their patient's or client's exams. It speeds PACS workflow and routing processes which results in radiology reports that are finished quickly.

Perfect Imaging IT staff can assist in the evaluation or selection of your operating system, hardware and Internet bandwidth requirements based on current and future caseloads, as well as any additional VPN or speech microphone hardware. Perfect Imaging's development team is a Microsoft Certified Partner.

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