Data Migration Services To Replace Your Teleradiology PACS System


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Perfect Imaging will help your healthcare facility, radiology group, PACS system administrator, teleradiology service or radiologists during the PACS data migration process. This is an important service and an essential component of replacing your current teleradiology PACS system. We understand the importance of upgrading your PACS system and provide the support your organization requires to affect an enterprise class teleradiology solution.

Contact us at 216-514-9904 to talk with us about implementing PACSstar, our web-based teleradiology PACS software solution that supports multiple imaging modalities, sites and locations.

PACSstar is an outstanding teleradiology PACS solution and Perfect Imaging provides expert technical PACS data migration services to transfer your data from your current archive system. We specialize in the data migration technologies required to transfer your existing patient records, referring physicians, procedures, and prior images into PACSstar.

Replacing your current legacy teleradiology PACS system with PACSstar is worth the effort and the cost savings can be substantial. If your current picture archiving and communication system (PACS system) does not adequately support your diagnostic imaging, routing, reporting and archiving workflow, then click here to contact Perfect Imaging

In the event that your healthcare facility is considering the option of replacing the PACS for your radiologists or teleradiology service, then talk with the staff at Perfect Imaging. Our teleradiology PACS provides quick access to diagnostic images and offers excellent management tools for large DICOM image datasets. We have dedicated implementation consultants to guide your institution through the set up process and the data migration steps.

When you license PACSstar, your referring physicians will not have unnecessary wait times before they receive the images, interpretations and reports they need. Our implementation consultants will also assist with setting up your speech recognition software, modality connections and your radiology DICOM viewing workstation for reading patient studies. PACSstar even features single-click worklist management for radiologists and online report status checking.

When you work with Perfect Imaging to replace your radiology or teleradiology PACS system, you benefit from around the clock support services. We make the distribution of diagnostic quality images and studies simple by providing teleradiology PACS and workflow user training via a live online meeting and offering access to recorded PACS administrator training presentations. 

If your radiology group or teleradiology service is using modalities such as CT and MR which create very large datasets, licensing PACSstar from Perfect Imaging is the solution. Complying with HIPAA security rules is another good reason to consider migrating your patient records, referring physicians, procedures, and prior images to Perfect Imaging's hosted radiology and teleradiology solution. 

Perfect Imaging is an application service provider (ASP) that has years of experience in developing and managing software as a service (SaaS). Our data migration specialists work hand in hand with our clients to migrate data to a remote archive. DICOM files will be migrated along with patient information, study types, acquisition dates and diagnostic images. Our staff will provide the best possible data migration services possible in order to make the data migration as smooth as possible.

For more information about implementing PACSstar for your organization or our data migration services, please contact Perfect Imaging at 216-514-9904 or click here.