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PACS Software: License Fee Price Includes Implementation


PACS Software | PACS Web | Implementation | Perfect ImagingPACSstar is a hosted teleradiology PACS workflow solution, therefore, there is no software to install or hardware to configure, which cuts down on the complexity and length of the implementation process. Our implementation process is typically conducted remotely.

Because PACSstar is a web PACS solution, it offers teleradiology services and radiologists an accessible workflow solution at a low cost and affordable price. The PACS software system is implemented within an Internet environment. The use of PACSstar within the virtual radiology, or teleradiology domain is growing, in part, due to the affordable prices, rates and fees inherent with hosted PACS software and the significant performance improvements achieved recently. Call us at 216-514-9904 for information about teleradiology software and PACS system integration and implementation.


Radiologists, radiology departments, radiology groups, teleradiologists, hospitals and teleradiology services benefit from using PACSstar for remote reading because hosted or web PACS software prices are lower than traditional "thick-client" PACS solutions. Thick client solutions require that the software applications reside on local desktop or local PACS servers which involve more capital expenses and require more technical intervention by radiologists, IT managers or PACS administrators.

PACSstar is simple to implement and deploy, it can quickly be updated and it is easy to use. To talk with Perfect Imaging about purchasing PACS software, buying teleradiology software, radiology software rates, implementing PACSstar for your organization or web-based (hosted) PACS software prices, call 216-514-9904 or click here.

Perfect Imaging provides specific training for radiologists and PACS administrators which includes speech-driven interpretation , worklist management and report generation, routing rules configuration, radiologist profile set up, online portal security administration, billing, and management reports.

We have the same proactive PACS RIS implementation methodologies in place as large radiology IT vendors, only ours is simplified and our base implementation process is included in the software license fee price. Call us at 216-514-9904 or click here for information about buying a PACS software license for PACSstar or upgrading to a web PACS .


Our implementation consultant (IC) will manage the following steps to ensure a smooth implementation process:

  • IC interviews key client staff members to understand workflow, routing engine, integration, data migration and training requirements as well as the client’s IT/network infrastructure.

  • IC works with client to establish the ideal methodology of connectivity to transfer DICOM images from modalities across the client’s owned sites or its customers' sites.

  • If the client chooses to do a data migration, the IC will develop a quote, plan and timeline on how to best accomplish this.

  • If the client chooses to have PACSstar interface with existing systems, the IC will develop a quote, plan and timeline on how to accomplish this working with the other system vendors’ availability as well.

  • IC configures PACSstar with the input provided by the client.

  • IC incorporates client logo, address, phone, and reading radiologist info into the UI and on report templates.

  • Clients will receive a secure link and can simply download the software via the Internet.

Please review our system requirements with your Perfect Imaging representative to ensure your existing computers, laptops, operating system, Internet browser, scanner and dictation equipment can support the PACSstar solution. For information about teleradiology PACS software prices and the teleradiology pacs implementation process call 216-514-9904 or click here to contact Perfect Imaging.