Teleradiology Software and PACS System Modality Integration


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Perfect Imaging's hosted teleradiology software and PACS system (PACSstar) integrates with multiple digital modalities via medical imaging industry standard DICOM network protocols and existing enterprise radiology and hospital information system interfaces to provide quick access to diagnostic images and associated data and to improve radiology workflow.

Perfect Imaging has its own HL7 and DICOM protocol integration engine, which is customized for each client teleradiology software and PACS system integration project.  Patient identification (IDs), data, orders, diagnosis reports, report dictation, worklists, and diagnostic images are integrated for PACS administrators and radiologists.


Clients can experience single-desktop computer teleradiology software integration between PACSstar, the eFilm Workstation diagnostic viewer, and Nuance’s Dragon Medical speech recognition software. PACSstar can be integrated with other vendor's PACS solutions and diagnostic viewers if a client just wants to utilize PACSstar for its teleradiology workflow and routing efficiencies.

We integrate our teleradiology software and PACS system and radiology information systems to facilitate the acquisition, digital transmission, processing, workflow, management, routing, distribution, archival, storage and retrieval of digital radiological patient diagnostic images, information, data, radiology reports, documents, studies, preliminary reads, final reads, interpretations, and diagnosis's used for viewing and interpretation. Teleradiology and radiology reports can be completed quickly, turnaround times are minimized and the teleradiology billing and invoicing process is expedited.

Perfect Imaging is an industry leading provider of complete, user-friendly teleradiology software products, services, PACS systems and solutions for radiologists, radiology departments, teleradiologists, sub-specialists, small to mid-sized medical facilities, imaging centers, independent imaging centers, outpatient clinics, referring physicians, radiology groups, private practice physicians, remote radiology reporting services, virtual radiology services, teleradiology groups, teleradiology businesses and teleradiology solution and service providers.

Perfect Imaging specializes in HL7 health IT system integration projects and is a national authority on the Health Level Seven International (HL7) standards for interoperability of healthcare informatics and health information system technology. Our experienced programmers and software engineers understand the language, structure and clinical data types required for seamless HL7 integrations.


Perfect Imaging provides XML programming services to integrate distributed healthcare records. We specialize in web server based teleradiology, PACS technology and teleradiology applications. Hospitals, imaging centers and healthcare providers contract with Perfect Imaging to provide extensible markup language (XML) integration and programming services to enhance their radiology reporting capabilities, to communicate imaging information, to aid in patient management and to deliver images to a secure FTP site.

We provide custom interface development services for healthcare companies and businesses that use image archiving systems (PACS, RIS and HIS). Other organizations and systems that we work with include radiology groups, EMR and EHR providers, medical billing companies, diagnostic imaging centers, hospitals, teleradiology solution providers, radiology groups, healthcare vendors, ERP systems, Quickbooks XML interfaces, healthcare accounting services and other healthcare and teleradiology organizations. 


If you need information regarding our systems integration services, data migration services, teleradiology software and PACS system integration, replacing your current PACS system, or upgrading your teleradiology software, click here to talk with a Perfect Imaging implementation consultant (IC) or call 866-228-8778.