PACS System and PACS Workstation Services: Installation & Support


Perfect Imaging provides PACS system services and PACS workstation services such as hosted central servers in remote secure data centers and dedicated PACS workstations which reconstruct diagnostic images. We sell, install, integrate, customize, install, service and support PACS systems and PACS Workstations to aid and assist imaging centers, hospitals and teleradiology service providers overcome their technology challenges, issues, difficulties and problems.


Perfect Imaging is a full service teleradiology solution provider specializing in PACS system services for radiologists.


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We integrate well-equipped PACS systems, radiology workflow management software and related medical imaging technology with RIS and HIS systems in order to provide economical storage, convenient retrieval, accurate presentation and efficient distribution of reports, studies, reads, interpretations and diagnostic images generated from multiple diagnostic radiology imaging modalities.

We offer a complete suite of reliable PACS system services along with teleradiology equipment components and software. Perfect Imaging also offers affordable support services for PACS systems. Our flagship PACS product, PACStar can deliver images, studies, interpretations and reports to desktop and laptop PCs as well as advanced workstations.

Perfect Imaging was founded by an experienced radiologist, Dr. David Berns, in order to provide affordable medical imaging solutions, PACS products and services, web PACS systems, DICOM archiving and medical imaging systems software, and PACS RIS to healthcare providers.

Perfect Imaging provides HL7 (Health Level Seven) integration services. We have years of experience working with healthcare informatics interoperability standards including ANSI/HL7 V2.2, V2.3, V2.4, and HL7 RIM. We have provided HL7 integration services for companies and businesses that use image archiving systems (PACS, RIS and HIS).

We provide XML (Extensible Markup Language) integration services for healthcare companies and businesses that use image archiving systems (PACS, RIS and HIS). Other organizations and systems that we work with include radiology groups, EMR and EHR providers, medical billing companies, diagnostic imaging centers, hospitals, teleradiology solution providers, radiology groups, healthcare vendors, ERP systems, Quickbooks XML interfaces, healthcare accounting services and other healthcare and teleradiology organizations.

Custom interface development services are provided for healthcare companies that require interoperability among legacy medical systems, PACS systems and the latest technologies.

Perfect Imaging offers contracted PACS system installation services, contracted PACS system integration services and contracted PACS system support services. Our clients include radiologists, radiologic technologists, medical radiation technologists, radiographers, hospital radiology departments, outpatient diagnostic imaging centers, distributed radiology service providers, PACS system manufacturers, PACS system vendors, PACS system distributors, hospitals, clinics, medical laboratories, private radiology practices and teleradiologists across the United States.

If your healthcare facility doesn't need or can't afford a full enterprise PACS system, consider the web PACS system, PACStar from Perfect Imaging. Contact us for information about systems, servers, storage, networking, imaging modalities and workstations that integrate with PACS workflows.  Your organization can purchase PACS software, hardware, and implementation services from Perfect Imaging. Our PACS systems and image archive solutions make it easy for clinicians to retrieve data and share data. Our technicians will work with your organization's information technology department to simply the PACS management and maintenance process.


Perfect Imaging software engineers and programmers can integrate with, or customize the following:

  • Patient Registration and Scheduling
  • Radiology and Reporting and Printout
  • Result Delivery
  • Clinical Report Faxing
  • Clinical Report E-mailing 
  • Diagnostic Imaging Patient Tracking
  • Patient List Management
  • Connect and Interface With Imaging Modalities via Worklists
  • Radiology Department Workflow Management
  • Interactive Documents
  • Creation of Technical File
  • Individual Imaging Modality and Material Management
  • Request, Document and Report Scanning
  • Radiology Result Entry


Perfect Imaging's provides PACS system services, PACS workstation services, PACS installation services and PACS support services to the following medical imaging technology professionals:

  • Radiologists
  • Radiologic Technologists
  • Medical Radiation Technologists
  • Clinical Labs and Diagnostic Laboratories
  • Radiographers
  • Hospital Radiology Departments
  • Outpatient and Inpatient Diagnostic Imaging Centers
  • Distributed Radiology Service Providers
  • PACS Manufacturers
  • PACS Vendors
  • PACS Distributors
  • Non-Provider and Provider-Based Imaging Facilities
  • Hospital Based and Non-Hospital Based Imaging Centers
  • Small and Regional Hospitals
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Health Systems
  • Sub-Specialty Radiologists
  • Medical Doctors
  • General Radiologists
  • Clinics
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Private Radiology Practices
  • Government Agencies and Correctional Facilities
  • Teleradiology Companies
  • Teleradiology Service Providers
  • Radiology Research Centers, Institutions and Universities
  • Mobile Radiology Services
  • Teleradiologists
  • Referring Physicians
  • Medical Billing Companies
  • Radiation Oncology Group
  • Telerad Businesses
  • Medicaid and Medicare Insurance Claims Processors for Radiology Services
  • Virtual Radiologic Companies


Contact Perfect Imaging to request a proposal and pricing for PACS system or PACS Workstqtion services by calling our sales department at 866-228-8778 or clicking here to email us your request.