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Perfect Imaging provides teleradiology solutions, teleradiology services, technology consulting, administrative, technical and PACS software system (PACSstar) support for radiology clinics, radiology imaging reading businesses, teleradiology businesses, hospitals, referring physicians, PACS system administrators and imaging centers.

Perfect Imaging's support staff is available to help our clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week by answering questions, providing explanations and solving problems. Support for our teleradiology technology and the PACSstar workflow platform is provided via online and phone.  Radiologists and teleradiology services that need support can call us at  216-514-9904 or click here so that we can assist with resolving any teleradiology service or software issues. Application support service for PACS software systems is included in the teleradiology PACS software license fee. This represents a substantial value compared to most PACS RIS vendors and teleradiology solution vendors who charge up to 15% of the annual radiology software fee for support and maintenance updates.

Perfect Imaging also provides consulting and support services for radiologists that want to start a teleradiology service, grow their image reading business, replace their teleradiology software or upgrade their PACS system. We offer PACS system data migration services and also provide teleradiology solutions for radiologists and referring physicians that interpret diagnostic images, view images online and read exams that don't have, or need, access to traditional RIS systems.

PACS system assistants, clinicians and physicians that need support for our ASP hosted teleradiology solutions and web PACS systems should contact Perfect Imaging to talk with one of our PACS systems support specialists or a teleradiology service and teleradiology solution consultant. We are available to assist our clients improve their reading efficiency and to easily use the features and components of our teleradiology software and PACS software systems

The Perfect Imaging IT support staff offers support for your evaluation or selection of teleradiology computer operating systems, computer hardware, Internet bandwidth needs based on current and future medical imaging and study caseloads, as well as any additional VPN or speech microphone hardware. Our teleradiology solutions development team is a Microsoft Certified Partner.

Perfect Imaging's teleradiology consultants provide support to new teleradiology businesses and teleradiology start-ups to assist them with increasing their referral base, fellowship-trained board certified radiologist recruitment, strategies to optimize their remote web-based PACS systems, the process of credentialing teleradiologists, teleradiology firm operations and processes, worklist-driven workflow, teleradiology business enterprise plan development, hosted image archiving, prior study management, STAT study management, mobile imaging service consulting, radiology document management, radiology report management, teleradiology franchise business consulting, turn-key teleradiolog migrating from thick client to thin client teleradiology systems, teleradiology business model consulting, computer hardware selection, radiology software selection, enhancing web-based teleradiology solution implementation, information technology (IT) setup and configuration, access to exam statuses, Micorosoft Windows and antivirus software support, teleradiology solutions that use a  single worklist to automatically creates orders, PACS viewer support, maximizing return on investment for teleradiology PACS, network infrastructure support, marketing to drive growth of specialized reads, referring physician relations, teleradiology billing support, teleradiology invoicing support, study workflow training, and customer support processes.

The Perfect Imaging staff has been performing support work for teleradiology solution providers and teleradiology services which has resulted in our clients' ability to expand their business portfolio. Our clients use our teleradiology solutions, teleradiology services and PACS systems in order to establish the framework so that their referring physicians or imaging center customers can quickly start delivering images to them for interpretation. Our teleradiology solutions, teleradiology services, PACS architecture system support and teleradiology business support services help our distributed-reading solution providers manage their radiology workflow from patient encounters to diagnostic image management which results in improved patient outcomes. 

Contact us if your radiology practice, workgroup or healthcare facility is considering deploying and implementing a PACS system, new teleradiology tools or PACS-driven teleradiology software integration. We offer comprehensive support every step of the way which will result in improved radiology workflow and productivity. Click here for PACstar and teleradiology support or call 216-514-9904.