Increase Teleradiology Profits with PACSstar Teleradiology Software


Today, most radiologists utilize some form of teleradiology software to distribute information, images and reports across sites and states. Teleradiology service providers have unique requirements to ensure the studies get to the radiologist, the right radiologist interprets the study, and the client or insurance carrier get billed accordingly. Most PACS RIS software products on the market today don't adequately meet these complex requirements, and certainly not at a cost-effective price point.


Through the efficient Web-based workflow, image and information routing and billing capabilities within PACSstar™, a radiology group, teleradiology company or even a single radiologist can expand their revenue to take advantage of a market opportunity that exists due to the lack of radiology coverage or subspecialty expertise in a local area.  A hosted teleradiology software solution and a web PACS (a web-based teleradiology picture archiving and communiction system) deployment connects radiology groups, imaging centers, teleradiology services, regional hospitals, and clinics with radiologists.


PACSstar, a hosted teleradiology PACS software solution, also helps keep overhead costs down. The amount of staff, and manual/paper processes typically needed to support end-to-end teleradiology workflow, physician communications and billing is greatly reduced due to the comprehensive functionality and ease of use of the system.


The increased revenue potential and reduced overhead means more profit for your radiology practice. 


Perfect Imaging can provide teleradiology start-up consulting services for those clients that need help getting their teleradiology service business launched and teleradiology software and PACS system integration


A hosted teleradiology software solution is an excellent option for teleradiology businesses, outpatient diagnostic imaging centers, private physicians, hospitals, medical clinics, radiology groups, teleradiologists and teleradiology solution providers who perform radiology study reporting.

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