Musculoskeletal Teleradiology Services: Radiograph, CT and MRI Interpretations


National Diagnostic Imaging provides musculoskeletal (MSK) interpretations, MSK reading services and MSK reports via teleradiology . NDI provides remote personalized world-class musculoskeletal teleradiology services and orthopedic teleradiology services. We provide virtual radiology consultations and interpretation services online via a secure, web-enabled teleradiology network.


Perfect Imaging developers can also create customized HL7 interfaces using the DICOM standard to tranmit musculoskeletal teleradiology interpretations to your hospital, musculoskeletal imaging faculty, outpatient or inpatient imaging center, orthopedic practice or orthopedic group. National subspecialty musculoskeletal teleradiology service providers and musculoskeletal imaging consultants such as National Diagnostic Imaging  are licensed to practice in most states in the United States.


Preliminary and final musculoskeletal teleradiology interpretations and teleradiology cases are interpreted and read by highly experienced, U.S. based, fellowship-trained subspecialty radiologists at National Diagnostic Imaging. Typical turnaround times for reports are generally 24 to 48 hours. Experienced musculoskeletal teleradiologists and musculoskeletal specialists are experts in orthopedic imaging, orthopedic teleradiology, orthopedic MRI and spine MRI. The reading radiologists are approved in advance. The teleradiology providers at NDI are experienced with most of the modalities used by hospital-based radiologists including include CT, CTA, MRI, cardiac, muskuloskeletal, PET, Ultrasound, X-ray, and Mammography.

Contact National Diagnostic Imaging by calling 1-800-950-5257 if you are looking for a contractor to provide interpretations of musculoskeletal radiology examinations and professional radiology services for on-demand coverage. NDI will be happy to discuss pricing and rates for musculoskeletal teleradiology services and can prepare a contract for you to sign.  A musculoskeletal teleradiology service account manager will contact you to begin the process of implementing teleradiology connectivity.

Affordable musculoskeletal teleradiology service, nighthawk musculoskeletal radiology, musculoskeletal day coverage radiology, and on-call musculoskeletal radiology coverage rates are available. Per read rates, teleradiology service prices, teleradiology service contracts and service level agreements (SLA) can a customized program can be developed by to suit your radiology practice. Contact National Diagnostic Imaging for a free teleradiology service quote. To prepare a pricing proposal, it is helpful if you supply NDI with an estimate of the number of reads you will need annually.


NDI provides musculoskeletal teleradiology services for preliminary report fees that range from $40.00 to $60.00. Multi-exam discounts are available and teleradiology service pricing can be based on the volume of studies. A minimum fee may be charged and clients may incur a fee for image distribution technologies. The cost for per read rates will depend upon the type of reads and interpretations performed and whether they are pre-reads or certified reads. Contact National Diagnostic Imaing to get a teleradiology service proposal for very competitive reading rates that are based on a per-study cost and do not require a minimum.

The teleradiology services and networks at NDI have the ability to  transmit digital radiographic images for remote interpretation in order to reduce the on-call workload of hospital-based radiologists. Their remote radiology reading services are valuable because imaging demand at health systems continues to grow across the Unites States. Select National Diagnostic Imaging as your teleradiology service partner, vendor or contractor.


Their teleradiology firm offers customized pricing and terms of service to fit your radiology coverage requirements. Teleradiology work can be provided on work on a per-study basis and they avoid ancillary teleradiology service fess such as guaranteed per day study minimums or fixed per-day charges. Call 1-800-950-5257 to find out how common procedures such as CT scans and MRI interpretations are billed. Modality connectivity set up, an online referring physician portal, 24x7 support and imaging protocol guidance are provide at no additional fee to our customers.  


Call 1-800-950-5257 to request pricing and a proposal for musculoskeletal teleradiology services.