Teleradiology PACS: Image & Report Storage and Retrieval Software

Teleradiology PACS software is an important medical imaging transmission technology used by radiologists at National Diagnostic Imaging (NDI) to store, archive and retrieve electronic radiological patient images and reports in order to improve patient care. NDI's cloud-based PACS technology, secured networks and teleradiology systems are HIPAA compliant. PACSstar from Perfect Imaging is a cost-effective and intuitive PACS workflow, routing, billing, and diagnostic study interpretation software solution that supports multiple imaging modalities, sites and locations.

PACSstar from Perfect Imaging uses the DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) format to provide affordable storage of electronic images, studies and reports. Teleradiolgy sub-specialists can perform their imaging procedures by quickly retrieving images acquired from diverse modalities using our integrated teleradiology PACS software technology. By using a secure network to transfer files in combination with a variety of imaging modalities, radiologists and teleradiologists can easily interpret and review images or access the electronic image storage archive.

This hosted (web PACS) teleradiology PACS deployment connects radiology groups, imaging centers, teleradiology services, regional hospitals, and clinics with radiologists. By leveraging and integrating PACS technologies such advanced graphics processing, efficient online reporting, voice recognition software for quick transcription, and image compression, Perfect Imaging has created a physician friendly teleradiology PACS and workflow software system. It is an affordable, easy to use teleradiology PACS for teleradiology services and diagnostic imaging centers. PACSstar is licensed from Perfect Imaging by radiologists that have highly specialized reading workflow, distribution, prior study archival, and display requirements in order to eliminate physical location and time constraints typical of managing conventional film-based medical images. 

Teleradiology PACS software from Perfect Imaging was specifically engineered for organizations and businesses that offer teleradiology reading services and solutions and have customized remote reading requirements. Licensing PACSstar from Perfect Imaging is an affordable teleradiology solution for any size radiology practice.

Typical licensees of PACSTAR include teleradiology practices, board certified radiologists, online radiology service companies, customized radiology services, independent imaging centers, U.S. hospitals, telemedicine services, teleradiologists offering 24-hour coverage, and private practice physicians.

PACSstar is a low-cost web-based solution for digital and diagnostic imaging services offering teleradiology services and teleradiology coverage. Implementing the teleradiology PACS system and speech recognition systems with your existing systems is simple.  A Perfect Imaging implementation consultant (IC) will work with your organization to ensure a smooth integration. For information about licensing PACSstar and beginning the PACS implementation process, please call 216-514-9904 or click here to contact us.

Radiologists, teleradiologists and PACS administrators depend on the reliability of our remote (web PACS) teleradiology PACS for interpretation, to speed report turnaround and create fast, accurate billing. PACSstar seamlessly integrates with compatible DICOM and medical imaging viewers and provides outstanding image management, storage and archiving of digital medical images. PACS administrators can us the document management software to easily create customized invoices to include various data captured in PACSstar. This enterprise class teleradiology PACS system is structured to provide efficient workflow components, routing, reporting and billing features.

For a Free Teleradiology PACS Software Trial, please call 216-514-9904 to make arrangements with a Perfect Imaging implementation consultant and to schedule workflow user training via a live online meeting.

Perfect Imaging also offers hosted image storage. This is ideal for radiologists who need fast access to prior diagnostic images. Radiologists use this web-based teleradiology solution for comparison purposes when viewing images, reading studies and preparing interpretations.  The hosted image storage solutions supports digital diagnostic images created from a variety of modalities. PACSstar supports a variety of teleradiology reading solutions including Nuclear Medicine , PET, Ultrasound and General X-ray, Neuroradiology (MR Angiography, SPECT, fMRI), Cardiac and Musculoskeletal Radiology, computed tomography (CT), ultrasound (US), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron emission tomography (PET) and radiography (XR, CR & DR).

Companies that provide professional diagnostic imaging services have the Perfect Imaging support staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Imaging centers that use a multi-state network of radiologists such as National Diagnostic Imaging rely on PACSstar and the Perfect Imaging support team. Outstanding customer support from Perfect Imaging translates into better patient care because our clients work with physicians to provide specialized, expert clinical interpretations of medical imaging examinations which enhances patient outcomes.

Our clients include freestanding imaging centers, virtual radiology solutions providers for radiology practices, imaging interpretation services, and teleradiology services offering comprehensive radiological interpretive services to physicians and medical centers. To read testimonials from Perfect Imaging's teleradiology PACS clients, click here.


To contact Perfect Imaging about our teleradiology PACS, call 216-514-9904 or click here to contact Perfect Imaging regarding our teleradiology PACS solutions.