Teleradiology Services: Overflow, Nighthawk Subspecialty Coverage


Perfect Imaging and our partner companies in the teleradiology sector such as National Diagnostic Imaging ( provide helpful affordable full service teleradiology services, nighthawk, overflow and subspeciality coverage. Featured teleradiology activities include imaging study overflow solutions, final interpretations, digital telemammography, ultrasound and sonograms, breast imaging, day coverage and night coverage for sub-specialty readings and readings involving emergent, routine and overflow diagnostic image studies.

We aid and assist imaging centers, hospitals and radiologists by supplying overflow, nighthawk and subspecialty coverage and by acting as their virtual radiology department and to meet their imaging and practice management needs. When our customers purchase teleradiology coverage, we provide complimentary services before, during and after the service contract is signed and payments are made.

We prepare and sign teleradiology reporting contracts that meet the needs of growing radiology facilities and teleradiology practices. We provide innovative, world class teleradiology services for radiologists, imaging centers, radiology groups, clinics, hospitals, radiology departments, office-based imaging practices, outpatient clinics. private practice physicians, medical centers and other healthcare facilities. In 2011, our firm was considered to be one of the top teleradiology service companies and a premier teleradiology solutions provider. We can provide preliminary and final reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

We focus on operational excellence in order to provide complete and comprehensive, exceptional quality image study reports and interpretations. Our radiologists and technicians provide teleradiology service and support as needed to help our customers on both a full-time and part-time basis. 

We provide trustworthy off-site general and subspecialty radiology coverage in most states.  We provide diagnostic image interpretations and reports for most types of non-invasive imaging studies.

Our telerad service company the right answer for hospitals, radiologists, teleradiology providers, imaging centers, imaging clinics, that want to engage in the practice of outsourcing imaging studies, preliminary and final reports and diagnostic image interpretations. We provide cost effective solutions for hospitals that want to use after-hours radiology services or want to augment the services provided by their radiology department. Our firm strives for high customer satisfaction levels, reliable subspecialty support, daytime radiology reading services, quick report turnaround times and the elimination of radiology coverage gaps.

High quality, timely, reliable, personalized and affordable teleradiology services offered by Perfect Imaging and its partners include preliminary and final radiology reports and interpretations that result in referring physician satisfaction and exceptional patient care.

When you use Perfect Imaging to outsource your diagnostic image interpretation and radiology reporting needs you benefit from a network of sub-specialists that consist of experienced U.S. Based board-certified and Joint Commission-accredited radiologists who are experts in almost every form of diagnostic, vascular and interventional radiology imaging which guide minimally invasive techniques used in the diagnosis and treatment of numerous medical conditions and pathologies.

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Our industry leading teleradiology interpretation services, study overflow solutions, remote radiology reporting services and  customized preliminary and final reports for referring physicians are contracted by outpatient and inpatient imaging operations and professional radiology and teleradiology services. We also work with health care centers, imaging centers, hospital-based and non-hospital based radiology groups, hospitals, imaging centers, urgent care centers, single and multi-specialty private practice groups, research foundations, correctional facilities, office-based imaging and outpatient clinics, diagnostic centers, and clinical research institutions.

Perfect Imaging, National Diagnostic Imaging (Founded by Cleveland-based Neuroradiologist Dr. David H. Berns) and our other teleradiology service partners possess subspecialty expertise in the following areas; Critical and Stroke Studies, Emergency, Neuroradiology, Non-Invasive Imaging Studies, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Coronary CT Angiography (CCTA), Head and Neck Imaging, Pediatric Radiology, Pediatric, Neuroradiology, Neuroradiology, Musculoskeletal Radiology, Thoracic Imaging Radiology, Positron Emission Tomography (PET) , Nuclear Medicine, Abdominal Imaging and Virtual Colonoscopy, Vascular Imaging, Body Imaging, Cross-sectional Imaging, Ultrasonography, Abdominal Imaging Cardiac Angiography (Cardiac CTA), Cardiovascular Imaging and Gastrointestinal/Genitourinary.

Radiologists at Perfect Imaging's partner companies have been providing teleradiology services since the 1990s. As the Internet grew and broad band Internet connections became more common place, the teleradiology service provider business increased. At the start, teleradiology services focused on infrequent emergency studies required by small image centers and medical facilities located in suburban or rural areas across the United States.

As new imaging modalities came online and new technologies such as CT scanner technology became useful, Perfect Imaging's affiliated teleradiology service providers such as National Diagnostic Imaging began offering preliminary reads for ER physicians, emergency room cases and individual radiologists. Today, our partner firms and  affiliated teleradiology services provide outsourced, contracted off-site teleradiology on-call services to hospitals, imaging centers and radiology groups nationally. Perfect Imaging's teleradiology services work within the reimbursement of the final read specifications of Medicare and Medicaid laws by using experienced sub-specialty radiologists with private practice and academic backgrounds who are located in the United States.

Our U.S licensed teleradiologists cover trauma cases and other emergent cases in different time zones for doctors and provide nightcall coverage for smaller hospitals and medical clinics in most states in the United States who do not have the required on-site radiology staff. Contact Perfect Imaging if your healthcare facility would like to outsource final reads and preliminary reports that must describe the pertinent findings for your official patient documentation and for insurance billing purposes. To enhance the quality of our teleradiology services, frequent phone calls are made by the interpreting radiologist to referring physicians to quickly establish immediate communication in order to discuss critical and pertinent findings that have been identified. The large network of specialized Radiologists that work for Perfect Imaging's teleradiology service providers are dedicated to providing excellence in virtual, on-call high quality teleradiology reading services.

Teleradiologists can provide a Preliminary Read for emergency room cases and other emergent cases or a Final Read for the official patient record and for use in billing. Perfect Imaging's daytime (dayhawk) teleradiology services are designed to specifically meet our clients needs for CT, X-Ray, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine or MRI interpretations. Our experienced musculoskeletal (MSK) imaging consultants and radiologists are leading orthopedic teleradiology service providers.

Preliminary Reports include all pertinent findings and a phone call for any critical findings. For some Teleradiology services, the turnaround time is extremely rapid with a 30 minute standard turnaround and expedited for critical and stroke studies.

Best-in-Class Teleradiology Final Reports can be provided for emergent and non-emergent studies. Final reports include all findings and require access to prior studies and all relevant patient information for a complete diagnosis. Phone calls with any critical findings are signs of quality services.

Teleradiology Preliminary or Final Reports can be provided for all doctors and hospitals overflow studies. Teleradiology can be available for intermittent coverage as an extension of practices and will provide patients with the highest quality care.

Contracting with a Perfect Imaging teleradiology service partner gives healthcare providers, imaging centers, radiology departments and referring physicians more time to directly devote to patient care. Our teleradiology services also decrease the amount of hours our clients work onsite and through quick turnaround times, we increase the speed that reports, reads and results are released.

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